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Broadcasting School

Training Resources

These links provide access to contracted training programs and services, available exclusively to NBA members.

Engineering & Technical Training

Society of Broadcast Engineers TPT Program

The NBA wants to assist our members in preparing more employees for a successful career in broadcasting by advancing their technical & engineering skills. The Society of Broadcast Engineers has put together the Technical Professional Training program (TPT) designed to groom station talent who are interested in rapidly building their in-demand technical skills.

The SBE TPT program includes:

  • A one-year SBE membership with SBE MemberPlus
  • A copy of SBE CBT CertPreview
  • A copy of the SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook
  • Enrollment in the SBE Mentor Program
  • SBE CBT certification exam application fee

Membership includes access to Webinars by SBE, an extensive collection of training webinars developed and cataloged for on-demand use.

The NBA will reimburse the TPT’s cost.

NBA SBE TPT Reimbursement Guidelines:

  • Limited to one enrollee per dues-paying SEU (station employment unit), up to a total of 12 enrollees on a first-come, first serve basis, in calendar year.
  • SEU general manager must provide NBA President/Executive Director Jim Timm with the following information via jim@ne-ba.org

  – employee name & current position

  – number of years employed at your SEU

  – briefly, why this employee is interested in the TPT

  – briefly, how your SEU would benefit from their completion of the TPT

  • Once NBA approves a participant, SEU pays to enroll the employee in the TPT
  • Upon employee’s successful completion of the TPT, email proof of completion to jim@ne-ba.org and the NBA will send a $475 check to your SEU

Sales Training

Local Broadcast Sales

Thanks to your station’s membership with the Nebraska Broadcasters Association, you can get full access to LBS at no cost!  This means that you now have 24/7 access to the following revenue-generating services:

  1. Training-On-Demand:  Over 1,200 training videos that are developed & delivered by proven ad sales pros and two new videos are added nearly every week!
  2. Sales Ideas: Timely sales ideas that will produce tangible sales results when there is a need for an innovation boost!
  3. Ad Intelligence: A sales resource center organized by category and designed to enhance consultative sales calls with over 3,000 articles!
  4. Ask LBS: A virtual coach with street-ready advice. When you are stuck in the selling process with a client, ask for help – we will answer!
  5. 2nd Tuesday Webinars: The industry’s best and most practical live sessions airing on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, plus access to the very valuable archive! 
  6. The BEST New Hire Program: Each weekday for five weeks, your new sellers will receive a BEST (Broadcast Essentials for Selling Today) email from LBS containing three videos.  In less than 30 minutes per day, your new sellers will build up a solid foundation for a career in selling broadcast!

Your entire team is able to create individual LBS accounts!  Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to www.localbroadcastsales.com
  2. Complete the form on the home page to create your LBS account
  3. That’s it – Your account will be activated right away

P1 Learning

Ten-Minute Trainer Network

NBA’s longtime training partner, P1 Learning, has assembled a new OTT-based training platform called the Ten-Minute Trainer Network. In short, this new platform includes videos from an elite group of experts on every topic you might need. Derron Steenbergen and Speed Marriott team up to produce a weekly show titled, “Speed & Swagger” which is guaranteed to energize your weekly sales meetings, even before you’ve taken your first sip cup of coffee!

You’ll also refresh your sales knowledge with topics from broadcast legend, Chris Lytle, learn about the ever-changing world of digital sales from AdCellerant, discover your motivation and professional advice from Paul Moehring or Bonnie Hagemann, and you’ll polish your leadership and management skills with fresh content from Dr. Terry Daniels. There’s something for everyone on Ten-Minute Trainer Network!

Registration is free for NBA Members and takes just 30 seconds.

Step One: NBA Members – Click Here To Register For FREE

Step Two: Once registered, download the iOS (here) and/or Android Mobile App (here).

The Ten-Minute Trainer Network is more than just a catchy name – the videos they feature are all Ten Minutes or less, perfect for a broadcaster on-the-go. Speaking of on-the-go, you don’t need a computer to access their training, as they have apps available for both iOS and Android devices. The Ten-Minute Trainer Network is the NBA’s official Enter-train-ment Network!