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Legal Hotline

The NBA Legal Line exists to answer general member questions about FCC regulations, Open Meetings, Public Records requests, contest rules, advertising content and other routine matters that may arise. 

FCC and other federal regulatory matters are usually referred to NBA counsel John Wells King, of the Law Office of John Wells King, PLLC.  For state statute matters, the NBA works with Max Kautsch of Kautsch Law, LLC.

John Wells King
Max Kautsch

Member questions are replied to fastest when outlined via email to jim@ne-ba.org. Members encountering issues related to Nebraska law are encouraged to reach out to Max at maxk@kautschlaw.com or (785) 840-0077. Questions of a proprietary or situational nature may require members to consider contracting directly with an attorney for confidential consultation at the member’s own expense.  The Nebraska Broadcasters Association and its staff are not authorized to practice law or give tax advice.  Member stations should always consult their own counsel to guide their decision making as needed.