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NBA Paid Student Internship Program

Purpose: The NBA is attempting, through this and other efforts, to enhance workforce development throughout the Nebraska broadcasting industry.  This specific program is designed to provide work opportunities for Nebraska college students and high school students who have completed their junior year, who have expressed a strong interest in broadcasting.

Background:  The Nebraska Broadcasters Association is a nonprofit corporation that supports FCC-licensed AM, FM and TV member stations in Nebraska.  Paid internship stipends are to be used by station employment units (SEU) to help offset their compensation costs for student interns for whom a position would not ordinarily exist.

Criteria:  Up to ten (10) total paid internship stipends of $630.00 each are available per fiscal year.

An intern must work a minimum of 60 hours at a station over the course of the internship to qualify.  One paid internship per SEU, per calendar year may be awarded on a first come, first serve basis following NBA approval.  SEU’s requesting a paid internship stipend must be airing NBA NCSA messages on a regular basis for their application to receive consideration.


Reimbursement application process: 

1) Complete and submit the Internship Criteria Agreement (please click on the link below).

2) NBA will reply to confirm whether your application for stipend is accepted.

3) After the application is approved and the student intern has worked at least 60 hours at your SEU, send payroll documentation of hours worked and compensation paid, to the NBA.

4) Upon NBA approval of your payroll documentation, a stipend check will be issued to the SEU.