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Virtual Job Fair

Nebraska Broadcasters Association’s next Virtual Job Fair is scheduled for April 11-15, 2022   From Monday, April 11 through Friday April 15, visit BroadcastersVirtualJobFair.com to see all of the job openings from our participating radio and television stations. Find the job that’s right for you and contact the station with questions and/or your resume.  It’s that […]

LBS 2nd Tuesday Webinar: Data-Driven Audience Packaging to Drive Sales

12 Noon ET/11:00 AM CST - Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Presenter: Mark Landon, LBS Digital Expert Attend this educational webinar to understand better the dynamics of data-driven audience packaging, and how it can open doors to new advertisers and categories. Hear how these capabilities will get you back into the innovative conversations often out of […]

Webinar: Hot Topics in Cybersecurity for 2022 (and Beyond)

FREE Cybersecurity Webinar: Hot Topics in Cybersecurity for 2022 (and Beyond) 10:00-10:30 am CT - Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Presenter: Lisa Ellingson, Data Security & Privacy, Winthrop & Weinstine Coming out of a year that saw an increase in cyberattacks, including ransomware and phishing attacks, 2022 will bring even more challenges for broadcasters. In addition […]

LBS 2nd Tuesday Webinar: Does Price Matter to Your Clients and Station?

Noon ET - Tuesday May 10, 2022 Presenter: Gary Moore, LBS and Insight Edge President The chances are that you don't have the lowest-priced ad packages in your marketplace. It's to your advantage to not sell advertising based solely on being the lowest-priced ad vehicle on the block. When you prove that your value is […]

LBS 2nd Tuesday Webinar: 3 Easy Steps To More Engaging, Authentic, And Profitable Copy

Presenters: Blaine and Honey Parker, LBS Branding Experts Broadcast Sellers have learned to consistently outperform other media representatives by providing more value to their clients. A massive contributor to a broadcaster’s value proposition is the willingness to commit to being an ongoing student of creativity and to acquire the skill sets to best position the […]