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NBA Foundation Education Debt Assistance Grant Program

The NBA Foundation has established a $1,000 Education Debt Assistance Grant to help Nebraska broadcasting employees pay off their student loans. This grant is available to individuals currently employed in Nebraska at an NBA member commercial or non-commercial SEU (station employment unit). Employees meeting the requirements are encouraged to submit their application by the stated deadline. In 2021, up to five, $1,000 grants are available.

NBA Foundation funding for this program is activated when the amount of college scholarships awarded in an academic calendar year falls below the $25,000 budgeted for that program, up to a maximum of five, $1,000 education grants per year. Education debt grantees may apply in multiple years and can earn up to $5,000 in total through this program when meeting the program criteria. Applications will be reviewed by the education committee with their recommendations sent to the executive committee for their final review and decision. Any committee members whose parent company has an applicant must abstain from the review.


  1. Applicant must be currently employed at a Nebraska radio, television or related media company.
  2. Applicant must have completed a minimum of one year employment at a Nebraska broadcast radio, television, or related media company by February 1, 2021.
  3. Company must be a commercial or non-commercial SEU member of the Nebraska Broadcasters Association, whose current dues are paid in full.


In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements outlined above:

  • Complete and submit the online NBA Foundation Debt Assistance Grant application form.
  • Submit a letter of support from your current employer, signed by the senior SEU manager.
  • Provide proof of attendance at a university, college, technical school or broadcast school by supplying a copy of degree certificate.
  • Provide proof of current loan balance. Loan documentation must show your name, current address, financial institution name, account number and loan balance as of February or March 2021. (documentation will remain confidential)
  • Provide short summary of your career so far in broadcast media.


All applications must be submitted online by clicking the link below. Applications will be accepted starting February 1, 2021 and must be received no later than March 15, 2021

*This button will only be active during designated application periods