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Broadcasting School

Studio/Remote Production Supervisor – Nebraska Public Media, Lincoln

This position has responsibility and supervision of skilled full time crew and temporary production staff during all TV studio and remote location multi-camera productions. Operate and set up Grass Valley video production switchers. Provide direction and make decisions based on technical workflows needed for shows. Be able to both direct and follow the guidance of a Director during a live show. Make on the fly decisions regarding camera shots, angles, graphics, and the occasional audio control. Providing guidance to the rest of the control room for technical checks and rehearsals. Train technical directors in all aspects of switchers and mentor aspiring directors.

This position actively gathers and disseminates information with producers and directors to identify any special needs required for each studio/remote from conception, through pre-production, during setup, live production and strike. Upon gathering the information, this position then evaluates and determines equipment needs and placement, as well as personnel assignment, while balancing the needs of the production, budgetary concerns of the network, and providing training opportunities in order to build a broader experienced base.

This position directs most OB/Remote live multi-camera productions and the more complex live and recorded multi-camera studio productions. This position has multiple roles related to contract productions: Technical Director, Contractual contact, Tech Manager; and Operations Coordinator.

This position will also conduct training on various technical procedures and techniques necessary to ensure the proper care and use of HD production gear as well as the remote production trailer. Creates schedules for Production Services staff and independent freelance workers, assists in scheduling EFP resources using sophisticated scheduling software. Administer and trouble-shoot scheduling software. Must possess a high degree of operational knowledge of the software, in order to create reports and weekly reconciliation for the Accounting department. Coordinates venue contact communication, which includes scheduling, negotiating space for equipment, and resolving safety issues in compliance with University and host guidelines.

EOE. For more information and to apply: https://employment.unl.edu/postings/85901