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Broadcasting School

Media Services Coordinator – Nebraska Public Media, Lincoln

Description of Work: Coordinates and produces Nebraska Public Media broadcast program schedules on a monthly basis and changes when necessary. Communicates and works with the Nebraska Public Media Program Manager and contractual service provider for program services to ensure accuracy in the schedules. Acquires program offer information for national and local productions, enters metadata, rights and acquires media needed to distribute the content. Responsible for producing Nebraska Public Media television broadcast logs and Nebraska Public Media Radio logs. Coordinates program acquisition and formats for Pledge drives. Ensures correct Pledge program versions are acquired and ready for broadcast. Communicates any deviations or discrepancies in Pledge schedules. Coordinates television and radio underwriting contracts insuring flights are properly placed to execute contracts for all broadcast channels. Maintains the media library database, ensuring that Nebraska Public Media broadcast production masters are secured in the archive/vault.

EOE. For more details and to apply, please visit: https://employment.unl.edu/postings/82012