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Emerging Media Producer – NET, Lincoln

Emerging Media Producer

NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations is seeking a storyteller/producer to help us explore the frontiers of public media in Nebraska with new and innovative projects. As a part of NET’s emerging media initiative and based out of the newly launched NET Labs, this producer will have the opportunity to tell stories and work with technologies not traditionally associated with public media. This includes, but is not limited to, digital video, podcasting, web or mobile applications, augmented reality tools, 3D modeling and virtual reality experiences, and may utilize platforms like IGTV, YouTube, Spotify, SteamVR, SketchFab, iOS and Android, and smart speakers.  As a part of NET Labs, ideas may initially originate with the individual but are elevated and incubated by the group. We function more as a collective than as a federation of independent creators. Some projects will be leaner in resource, while others will have access to more substantial resources (full production crew, dedicated editor, dedicated developer). The ideal candidate is passionate about storytelling in all formats with a strong sense of narrative, committed to clear communication of well-sourced or reported facts, and eager to create character-driven stories as the central focus of their work. EOE.

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