Craig Eckert


Craig Eckert was born and raised in St Paul, Minnesota. He became editor of his high school newspaper and enrolled at the University of Minnesota with plans to work for the Minnesota Daily newspaper. Those plans changed during a visit to the student radio station, WMMR. Craig started working at the station and left the University to attend Brown Institute of Minneapolis where he graduated in 1971. Craig’s first job took him to KICS in Hastings, NE. Craig accepted steady promotions resulting in moves to stations in Kansas, Wisconsin and North Dakota before moving back to Nebraska in 1991 to become General Manager of KKPR AM/FM in Kearney. Craig and other investors bought the stations in 1994. As owner and General Manager, Craig grew the company, buying the first radio station he ever worked at – KICS – along with KHAS AM and KLIQ FM in Hastings. Beyond his tireless passion for coaching talent and grooming future broadcasters, Craig has been an active leader in state and federal legislative matters. Although the ultimate resolution is pending, his testimony in a federal hearing in Philadelphia helped the Radio Music License Committee and SESAC reach agreement as to the terms of a settlement concerning antitrust litigation initiated by the RMLC against SESAC. His regular contact with state and federal legislators has helped shape policy and kept local broadcasting in a place of prominence. A two-time Chairman of the NBA Board, Craig and his wife Carol reside in Kearney, NE.

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