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Description: The Nebraska Broadcasters Association Foundation is a nonprofit corporation comprised of radio and television stations in Nebraska.  Internships are to be used by member stations to provide compensation for student employees (interns).  The funds may be used to pay or to supplement the wages of those persons for whom a vacancy would not ordinarily exist.  The internship experience must meet the standards required by law.  The member station must complete the Criteria Sheet and return it with the application in order for the internship to be considered, and the station must be airing and reporting the NCSA/PEP announcements in order to qualify for the internship.

Purpose: To provide work opportunities for any enrolled Nebraska College student who has an expressed interest in the broadcast field.

Timing & Amount: Grants are available to be appropriated throughout the year, but students are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible.  In general, 10 (ten) grants in $500 increments will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  The program will be reevaluated when the funds are exhausted to determine the adequacy of the individual awards and the level of the necessary total financial commitment to the program.

Application: Funds may be solicited by the submission of a one-page written application for the monies.  The application should be signed by the manager of the affected television or radio station.  A résumé or description of the student beneficiary should be included with the application form.  Return requested information and application to the Nebraska Broadcasters Association Foundation.  Furthermore, applicants should include a letter from the station manager recommending the intern for consideration.  The member station must also submit the Criteria Sheet that represents the internship experience meets the criteria established under the law.

Judging Criteria: Internships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  In the event a significant number of grants are awarded, the NBAF executive committee will discuss the merits of each particular application and seek to award the grants on the strength of their application.  Special consideration will be given to those stations that match all or a portion of the funds being applied for.  An intern must work a minimum of 60 hours at a station to qualify.